Who Are We?

PASO is composed of a group of activists from around the world who share the belief that we can more effectively promote justice, protect the environment and confront human rights violation in Colombia through international partnerships that support local organizing efforts.


Olivia Plato is a visual anthropologist and freelance filmmaker from Herefordshire, UK. She has lived in Colombia since 2008, working predominantly on projects with Afro-Colombian and LGBTI groups in Bogota. More recently, she shot and edited videos in the framework of high school conservation projects for Fundacion Planeta Azul Caribe in Cartagena. She has also collaborated in a research partnership between the University of Manchester and the University of Cartagena to promote the sustainability of traditional fishing communities on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.


Neil Martin is an architect and organizer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has lived in Colombia since 2008, working with unions and grassroots human rights, indigenous and environmental organizations. Neil worked previously with Peace Brigades International’s  Colombia Project and the Bogota-based Jose Alvear Restrepo Lawyers Collective.


Aida Perilla is a PASO organizer and researcher from Bogota, Colombia. She is a social worker by profession who has worked previously with victims of the armed conflict and in the defense of human rights in Colombia. She has also worked as a community organizer in regions threatened by displacement due to mining/energy mega-projects and agribusiness.


Isaias Cifuentes is a PASO organizer from Buenaventura. An accountant by trade, Isaias has been a social justice, human rights, and student activist in Buenaventura for more than ten years.


Patricia Perez, PASO’s accountant, is from Bogota and has more than ten years of experience working with state and non-governmental organizations in Colombia.


Nate “Pacho” Miller  is one of PASO’s cofounders. He currently lives in New York, working for PASNAP, but continues to collaborate with PASO in an advisory capacity.

Jeff Ordower is a former PASO volunteer who continues to work with our organizatoin as a consultant and Fiscal Sponsor in his new position as Executive Director at Global Exchange.