300 New Members Join USO in Rubiales


Operations at Colombia’s largest oil concession, Rubiales, changed hands in 2016 from multinational Pacific E&P to Colombia’s Ecopetrol. Since the transition oil and energy sector USO has launched an external organizing campaign with the region’s workers, resulting in some 300 new members and opening possibilities for further growth in the region.

With the support of PASO, Justice for Colombia, and international unions UNISON and Workers Uniting, USO has staffed a team composed of organizers, attorneys, and international observers to coordinate this work in the inaccessible reaches of Puerto Gaitan, Meta, a region torn by corruption, weak institutional oversight, and the resurgence of paramilitary organizations.

An analysis of labor violations in the region has revealed practices such as the application of short-term contracts through outsourcing firms, wages lower than those provided in other parts of the country, working hours that exceed legal limits with no overtime pay, a two-tier structure in which direct workers are paid more than outsourced employees, violations of requirements to provide jobs for the local population, and anti-union repression.

USO is currently engaging with cafeteria service provider Duflo, for example, in representation of workers who have sought the union’s help in fighting discontinuous shifts during which employees work on a given day from 6am-9am, 1pm-3pm, and 4pm-6pm with no pay in between these hours.

Meanwhile, an arbitration panel has ordered Pacific E&P, still one of the largest operators in the region, to re-open a collective bargaining process with USO on February 20, that has been on hold for more than a year. Read USO’s press release HERE (Spanish only).

USO is confident that the leadership it provides in these procedures, as well as working to enforce its national bargaining agreement with Ecopetrol, will continue to attract new members, even in a municipality marked by a history of intense anti-union tactics on the part of oil companies, their subsidiaries, and a vast array of industry outsourcing companies.