Sintracihobi Team Recieves Death Threats

On Friday, November 18, death threats were sent to three members of the coalition working to protect the labor rights of Colombia’s public sector childcare workers represented by the union Sintracihobi.

Juan David Gomez, a staff member with Colombian Senator Alexander Lopez’ legislative team, and Daniel Marin, a union attorney at Mantilla, Marin y Alvarez, received separate text messages (images below) in which they were informed they would be dismembered if they continued working in the Bogota area. The only connection between these two professionals is their work with Sintracihobi, where they collaborate to defend labor rights and quality services in the childcare programs run by the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare.

Andres Leon, a staff member at Sintracihobi who works closely with Marin and Gomez, also received an anonymous phone call in which he was intimidated and insulted with similar language. Leon was employed by PASO from May through October, 2016.

We urge the international community to work with Colombian authorities in order to ensure the safety of these three individuals, as well as all of those working with the Sintracihobi coalition, including union officials and PASO staff, so that we can continue to peacefully defend the human rights of millions of the most vulnerable Colombian children.

For additional information please contact or (Col) 311 561 8403.

Amenaza Juan David GomezAmenaza Daniel Marin